Are  you like millions of American struggling to obtain the right health care for your aged loved one?

In our book, The Voice of Experience: Stories About Health Care and the Elderly, we share our years of professional and personal experience with you.

  • Advanced directives
  • Over-treatment
  • Under-treatment
  • Assessing the elderly
  • Maintaining safety
  • Health Promotion
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice care
  • Quality of life issues
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Health care decision making

Eldercare Topics include:

An excerpt from the book:

The question, "Is it worth it?" gets to the crux of the issue of longevity versus the quality of life.  This often occurs when a person with a poor prognosis is facing grueling treatments.  Most people are willing to sacrifice a short term loss in quality of life for a chance of a much longer life.  The variables of how much life they can buy and at what cost are the critical issues.  As we get closer to the end of our life expectancy,  how we balance longevity with quality of life usually changes.


Voice of Experience:  Stories  About Health Care and the Elderly

                                                                        Samuel Brody MD and Jane K. Brody RN PhD

Valuable for health care students and providers, clergy, and anyone who works with the elderly.