Voice of Experience:  Stories  About Health Care and the Elderly

                                                                        Samuel Brody MD and Jane K. Brody RN PhD

  • "This book offers wonderful insights from the professional world on how to navigate the world of aging parents."
  • "The sections on the quality of life as well as health care decisions were excellent."
  • "...very readable and practical."
  • "It  helped me with my elderly mother and answered questions I had been thinking about."
  • "The doctors explain what to watch for in subtle changes as well as how to handle drastic declines."
  • "Very erudite and accessible book on geriatric medicine... I have already used the information and advice in this book and will again in the future."
  • "It covers all the major areas of interest and allows the lay reader to come to grips with key aspects of geriatrics."
  • ",,,a delightful read,,,"
  • "I recommend this book to lay people  as well as people in the health field."
  • "Have you ever wished that you knew a pair of really smart healthcare providers who would talk to you and treat you like they themselves would want to be talked to and treated?"
  • "A must read for all of us....because all of us will eventually face the issues the folks mentioned in this book."
  • "It made me laugh. It made me cry. They have described so many of the situations I have been dealing with as my mom and dad entered their 80's."
  • "...it reassured me that we all have the same troubles.  What I am experiencing is common to all loving daughters."

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